Over the past few years, I’ve put together several talks and workshops that I’ve presented in several countries. I make each one individually, creating the pictures and story by hand. Most of the coding has been done by myself, though sometimes my talented colleagues and friends have helped out!

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All your kube are belong to us

In this talk I discuss Kubernetes admin best practises, and then did 4 live on stage demos of how even when your Cluster Administration is perfect, how your cluster creator can undermine your good work. This was a really fun and energetic talk to do because of the swapping between deep discussion on best practises and live exploitation demos on stage.

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Containerisation and Kubernetes (workshop)

I did this workshop as part of a collaboration with Tweakers, a technology forum website that’s popular in the Netherlands. One of my colleagues, Dennis, helped me create the concept and the code and we presented together for 100 members of the public. Due to the vast experience differences of the attendees, this workshop starts off very simple with Docker and builds up to more intermediate level. The latter slides are lifted from my Best Practise Kubernetes workshop (below)

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Istio and Kubernetes

I built this talk for the Kubernetes meetup in Geneva, to explain what Service Mesh and Istio are, and how they fit into an existing and increasingly complex Kubernetes microservices ecosystem.

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Best practise kubernetes (workshop)

I prepared this workshop for almost 100 attendees at DevOpsDays Amsterdam 2018, which included everyone getting their own Kubernetes cluster in AWS.

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Introduction to Kubernetes (workshop)

This was my first ever workshop, which I created for DevOpsDays Amsterdam 2017.